About Terry Telford

Terry Telford comes from the marketing and advertising world. In 1991, he graduated with honours from the Advertising Program at Loyalist College in Belleville, Ontario, Canada. Immediately after graduating he started his own advertising agency with a partner. 6 months later, Telford sold the agency to his partner and moved to the "big city" - Toronto.
But things were a lot different than he expected. Landing a good job in a big advertising agency turned out to be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Competition was fierce and the job market was quickly drying up.

To pay the bills, Terry took whatever jobs he could find. He sold vacuum cleaners, shampoo and soap, drove a delivery truck, and eventually ended up managing a paint warehouse. Although they weren't glamorous jobs, they were full of enriching experiences.
Terry learned the psychology of sales. What to say and more importantly, what not to say to make a sale.

Along the way, he bought a small mail order company and started experimenting with direct mail campaigns. He worked through the typical learning curve and made all the mistakes in the book. He paid too much for advertising, mailed to cheap junk mail lists and used a good deal of time and money learning the ropes. Luckily, Telford learned from his experiences. He was able to turn his learning curve into a positive learning experience and profited greatly from his trials and tribulations.

In 2001, he hopped onto the internet with the hopes of expanding his mail order business. At first glance it seemed pretty simple. There were Free For All (FFA) sites where he could advertise to millions of people, free. Classified ad sites would run ads for $5 or $10, or the big expensive ones were $20 a month.

To put that into perspective, Telford was spending $600-$1000 a month offline on classified ads, so $20 a month was like hitting the jackpot.
The upside of online marketing was, it cost next to nothing. But the downside was, he was getting very little response. He spent a lot of time experimenting with ways to advertise effectively online. He tried everything and anything.

All in all, it took 3 years online before he actually had a profitable online business and not just a hobby.

Once he had his first online business running profitably, he sold it and started a new online business.

In 2009, Telford sold his second internet business and started publishing a print newspaper. In 2011 he bought a restaurant with his wife and sold his newspaper in 2012.

In 2015 the couple sold their 2 restaurants and Telford started reorganizing his internet business.

The saga continues :)