About Terry Telford

Terry TelfordTerry Telford is a serial entreprenneur with a love for everything about business, marketing, and finance. His passion for starting and growing companies led him to partnerships in a variety of different industries over the past three decades.  He’s owned or partnererd with entrepreneurs in the property management,  mail order, internet marketing,  publishing , and restaurant industries. Terry ran each company until it was profitable and then sold them.

Property Management

In his 20’s, Terry bought an old crack house in downtown Toronto. He removed the “tenants” and spent two years renovating it. He turned it into a respectable rooming house and flipped it back to the previous owner.

Mail Order Company

The next industry that Terry explored was the mail order business. He bought a small, floundering video production company and over the next year, turned it into a profitable mail order business.

Internet Marketing

Terry’s next business venture was in the internet marketing field. From 2001 – 2010, Terry promoted a variety of info products with joint venture partners from around the world. He authored 132 reports, recorded 84 podcasts, and published 2 books.


After moving to a new city, Terry quickly saw the need for a micro newspaper in the suburb where he lived. He contacted all the local business owners and asked if they would be interested in a micro newspaper. The positive response resulted in a newspaper that filled an information gap in the community.

While he was talking with the local business owners, it became apparent that they didn’t know each other, o after the first issue of the monthly newspaper was published, he set up the first micro business association for the business in the community.


One of the business owners in the community was selling a small restaurant, so Terry bought it and started into the restaurant business with his wife. They turned a small, floundering restaurant into a 6-figure business and then decided to buy a second one.

But, they quickly realized that they were now slaves to their businesses. They were spending all their time at the restaurants and had no time to spend with their kids. So they sold the restaurants and moved on to the next phase of their lives

Crypto Currency Investing

Terry recently started investing in the Cryptocurrency markets and quickly became an evangelist for the industry. Although his “dip your toe in the water” beginning has already experienced some ups and downs, his view is, the industry is poised to make multiple millionaires each month, so Terry is working diligently to expand his reach in this industry.

This blog is a chronical of his journey into the Cryptocurrency world and the adventure that lies ahead. His first report, Bitcoin 101, was written to explain the world of Cryptocurrency and illustrate how to use the industry to generate an income that allows people to retire in 365 days.