How to Set Up a Blog

1. Decide on a domain name, for example

2. Order the domain from (Link opens in a new tab)

3. Set up hosting at Choose the WordPress Hosting option. I haven’t used this option, but I just read the specs and this seems like a great hosting option. Alternatively, I can host your site on my hosting account, but you miss out on all the bells and whistles you get with the WordPress Hosting option.

4. Point your domain name to your hosting account. When you sign up for your hosting account with Host Gator, you’ll get 2 Domain Name Servers (DNS). They look like:

5. Copy the DNS from Host Gator into your NameCheap account like this:


Click the Manage button



In the Nameservers section, click "Custom" in the drop down menu (click on the picture for a full size, non-blurry view) and add your DNS in the lines below

6. It usually takes a few hours before you can access your website, but a couple times I have seen it take a day.
7. In the meantime, find a WordPress template that you like. I get mine from either ThemeForest or Theme Junkie. Theme Junkie allows you to download over 50 different themes with an annual subscription of around $50. ThemeForest sells themes individually. I use both companies and they are both very reliable.
8. By the time you’ve chosen a theme, your domain name should have propagated and you’re ready to set up your account. I have a regular hosting account with HostGator, so I have to install WordPress, but I think with the WordPress account, it may already be installed for you. You may just have to install your theme.
9. When you’ve installed your theme, follow the theme’s documentation to set it up. If you run into any issues, let me know and I’ll try to help.

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