Resources for the Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Investor

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency investing can be risky. So can waking up in the morning 🙂 Be a smart investor and base your decisions on your own due diligence. Listening to the news will not help you make an informed decision. Your own research and becoming active in the market, will. I hope you enjoy huge success in your investing adventure.

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How to Build a Mining Rig on a Budget

I haven’t personally built a mining rig yet, but I have researched it and these are my two favorite videos so far. The first one is a “MacGyver” style build and the second is a premium, bigger budget build.

“MacGyver” Budget Build

Premium Build

Cloud Mining

If you’re not ready to invest in building your own mining rig, you can rent-a-rig from a cloud mining company. You can buy as many hashes (power) as you want and the mining company does all the heavy lifting for you. The downfall of this part of the industry is there are several fraudulent companies. I’ve researched and tested the following companies and as far as I can tell, they are legit.


Hashflare allows anyone to start mining bitcoin. Contract prices start as low as $2.20 for 10GH.

Hashflare Cloud Mining from $2.20



CCG Mining

CCG Mining allows you to customize a mining rig and then runs it for you. Their system allows you to collect daily profit.



Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining is the world’s largest cloud mining company. Set up an account and you can mine Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies with flexible contracts. Switch currencies on the fly to mine the most profitable currencies at all times.

Use the code: iRcjKr and get a 3% discount.

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UPDATE: The two main lendors, Bitconnect and Davor, both announced that they were ceasing their lending operations. Bitconnect cited pressure from regulators in the US and Davor said the lending part of their platform was devaluing their coin, because lending had lost its luster.

Other companies still offer lending, but I can no longer recommend this style.

For a more solid lending business model, you can read the article This Kind of Crypto-Lending is Dead


If you’re familiar with trading on the Forex or stock markets, you’ll find Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency trading even more profitable. The markets are more volatile, so profits can be made much faster with less risk.

In the article, 5 Strategies to Make Money with Bitcoin (Strategies 4-5) I show you two startegies that I use to make money on a regular basis.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in the Cryptocurrency market is similar to an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in the stock market. It’s the first time that a coin is made available for the public to buy. Many people have become very wealthy using this strategy.

To choose ICOs that have a high probability of success, I follow Ian Balina.